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How in the Hell Did I Get Here?

Forever Changing the Genetic Blueprint

How in the Hell Did I Get Here?: Forever Changing the Genetic Blueprint by Shannan Mondor

A riveting and raw story of how one woman overcame alcoholism and mental illness and broke free from the genetic blueprint of addiction that demonized her family for generations. She sets you in a front-row seat as she shares her life story and experiences, which show the strength, determination, and courage of how she no longer wanted to continue with this way of life, and how she would do whatever it took to protect her children from being exposed to a life of addiction that is so normalized and influenced within society. She teaches them about addiction and the consequences of speaking her truth. She fights past fear, loneliness, and judgment to end the inner pain that has haunted her for years, and finds inner peace. Along her path, she realizes how life is a spiritual journey and there is a lesson to be learned with every experience, personal encounter, and relationship. Most importantly, the lesson is how you have a relationship with yourself, that you have the power to change everything, and it all comes from within.



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March 8, 2022



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Are you at a time in your life when you’ve finally acknowledged that you are an alcoholic or are suffering from some sort of addiction? Perhaps you know someone who has been affected by addiction and you’re seeking information to make sense of this dreaded curse that has affected your life and the lives of so many others.

The reason I use the word curse is because many of us don’t realize that addiction didn’t start with just you, it is a hereditary disease that waits in the shadows, ready to pounce. Yes, you heard correctly—it is a hereditary disease. It is no different than having a history of diabetes or breast cancer in one’s family, and, unfortunately, something is triggered within to set the addiction in motion. Triggers may be a traumatic event such as the death of a loved one, sexual abuse, divorce . . . the list goes on and on.

Everyone on this planet has a story to tell, but it is how we cope with the things life throws at us that can set these horrible diseases in motion. Factors that often go hand in hand with addiction, including anxiety, depression, shame, fear, suicidal thoughts and mental illness, can make it harder to recognize and overcome one’s addiction. Once you understand that this disease might not have started with you, it will be much easier to come to terms with it, and seek the appropriate help. Perhaps by looking at your family history, you will be able to trace where the addiction came from and how it trickled from generation to generation and reached you. This will hopefully help you to save yourself.

The most common addictions are addictions to alcohol, nicotine, drugs, gambling, sex, food and, believe it or not, work. When any of these things are used continually to numb a person into an altered state and become dependent on it, that is when the addiction has occurred. Was your grandfather an alcoholic, and your aunt and your father also struggled with alcohol? Perhaps you are an alcoholic, but you’ve added drugs to the mix. Meanwhile, your first cousin is a drug addict and your sister and niece are addicted to food. This is family addiction; it is generational and will not be stopped until someone recognizes this. You can be the one who decides you want to heal, to save your children and grandchildren from this happening to them also. 

I am telling you all of this because I have lived with all of the above. Growing up, I was abused and surrounded by addiction. I lived in fear, embarrassment and shame on a daily basis for many, many years. l want to share my story with all of you in hopes of educating people about addiction so they seek help; I want those of you who are struggling to know that there is a wonderful, beautiful life waiting for you just around the corner. I want all of you to know that my wounds have healed to scars, from which I am able to tell my story with love and the intention of helping those who read my story. I am hopeful that just knowing this information will help you to make the decision to want to improve your life. You are not alone in your journey, but you alone must make the decision to seek help and begin your journey of healing.

How in the Hell Did I Get Here?: Forever Changing the Genetic Blueprint by Shannan Mondor